Unemployed but don’t qualify for unemployment

I made a choice to quit my career a year and a half ago to move with my partner of 4 years, who is in the military, because the military moved us. Because we are not married I don’t qualify for unemployment. In the new place we moved to I have basically hit a brick wall with jobs. I have a master’s degree, over 10 years experience in my field, excellent references, and can’t even get hired for retail. I can’t pay my bills and my partner can’t afford to pay everything for both of us. I want to work and I need to work. I apply for so many jobs I loose track. In the past year and a half I have had exactly 2 interviews, both over the phone. Both seemed to go well but nothing happened. I am not even getting a chance to sell myself in person.

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5 Interview questions that should be asked, but aren’t

I’ve recently found myself on ‘that’ side of the table.  You know the one.  The side where you sit alone and face a panel of inquisitors who hold crisp, white sheets of paper with questions that require you to summarize your career in two minute intervals.

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve had to go through the interview process and I can confidently say the interview questions I’ve been asked are nearly the same ones I answered 10 years ago.

Questions like:

– ‘Tell me/us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation and how did you handle it?’

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The Continuing Saga of a Frustrated (Passive) Job Seeker-Ed Tsyitee, Jr. @GreenChileAdict

I am so pleased to have this writer return to continue talking about his unemployment journey. Follow him on Twitter for more!

In the last entry, I mentioned how difficult it was to find a great paying job in this area that was not a service sector job.

The fact is this area-from Las Cruces to El Paso-has added just over 3,000 jobs in the past year (2013-14). Awesome. If I want a job here they are available. I just have to be willing to start at $9.00 per hour. Does it matter that I have a Master’s degree? Nope. Not at all. Does it matter if it’s in Human Resource Management? Nope. Not at all.

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The Definition of Corporate Insanity (And High Turnover Troubles)

I work in a company where there is a vicious cycle of turnover. This year I think I can count about six people who have left my department alone. This is just a department of about 12 to 15 people too. So each time someone leaves, you really feel the loss and now it’s getting ridiculous. I can FEEL the low morale after this latest loss (two people – one turned out to be the charismatic con I wrote about several months ago and another is a woman who had been with the company a long time).

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Mature Unemploymentista Finally Gets Job – An Unemployment Success Story!

Last week it finally happened. After being a “professional un-employee” for way too long – maybe 18 months? – a past employer telephoned me and offered me a job. Wow!  And, even though, as a  lady “of a certain age”  I’m somewhat disillusioned and war-torn – after job seeking for such a long time (my survival was my blog “50 Shades of Unemployment”),  the job offer has given me a confidence boost …And I suddenly feel like I’m part of the human race again …. make that, “rat-race”.

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Why is she unemployed? She did nothing wrong. [An Unemployment Story]

Just a short story and personal experience of a client of mine. Client A as I will refer to her as, was a customer service rep. for a large non-profit organization in Md. She was a 7 year employee with an excellent work history. In late May of 2014 she slipped on a wet step while walking in her house. The next day she was unable to walk, due to a ruptured disc in her back. She called off of work, saw her doctor who put her out of work for two weeks and then was released by her doctor with sitting and standing restrictions. The doctor’s note was given to her employer and the employer was unable to meet the restrictions. Since she was unwilling to go against her doctors orders, she didn’t return to work after her employer refused to abide by her doctors orders.

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Lessons Learned in the Business World – Knowing How to Say Someone’s Wrong

Today I had a major lesson in knowing how to be tactful when working on a project with a senior-level person. So, to give you some background details, I am finally FINALLY getting work from the creative department at work and one of the senior copywriters will bring me in on projects.

This is one of the second ones I’ve worked on with them and I was somewhat familiar with the details of the project (it was based on web searches, and SEO stuff which I’ve gotten familiar with thanks to blogging). Well, once I got the directive from this copywriter on this, I immediately knew they had misunderstood the directions.

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What It Feels Like When You Lose It All – An Anonymous Unemployment Story

I encourage all of you to share your unemployment story with me and my readers. Please visit the following link to share your story.

Today I am feeling like I do most days, worthless. 

Today I come to a semi-conclusion that a feeling of worthlessness comes in waves but stays when confirmed by the words and actions of others. 

The woman I love, who has been through hell, has nothing left to offer me when it comes to my personal thoughts or feelings. 

This, although understood, is painful. Am I worthless? No one seems to call or care.

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Jumping Off Cliffs – YIPPPYYYYY!!! – [A Funny, Inspiring Unemployment Story]

Like a moth drawn to the light, the cliffs have always seductively beckoned me​…   And I, just like that moth, have typically been oblivious to the “danger” the cliffs held… “Ooooohhh, what a pretty cliff’s edge!…” I’d think…  It seemed that the closer I’d get to those edges, everyone around me kept frantically saying, “Danger, Danger Will Robinson (Will was my fave out there in space, on Wednesday nights, 8 pm on NBC.  Remember?) – Turn around before it’s too late!”  Because of this I stopped talking out loud about my journeys towards the cliffs.  What I ended up discovering was that the “loudest” voice of warning has been the one in my head!  As for the one in my heart?  Well, that’s a different story….

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Layoff in 2008 (And Four Jobs Later)

I have had 4 jobs since my layoff in 2008 (temp to hire which was a lie, employers knew the date I would be departed at the interview). All were using my “up to date” technology skills in projects that enabled them to cut back in their workforce, creating more people to be unemployed. What I found really interesting is the workers are not high performing at all, very inept skills, poor attitude, slacker behavior pushing work off to others, late and absent continuously, and their still there. It just doesn’t look right, like something is going on in the workforce and I didn’t get the memo.

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