Lessons Learned in the Business World – Knowing How to Say Someone’s Wrong

Today I had a major lesson in knowing how to be tactful when working on a project with a senior-level person. So, to give you some background details, I am finally FINALLY getting work from the creative department at work and one of the senior copywriters will bring me in on projects.

This is one of the second ones I’ve worked on with them and I was somewhat familiar with the details of the project (it was based on web searches, and SEO stuff which I’ve gotten familiar with thanks to blogging). Well, once I got the directive from this copywriter on this, I immediately knew they had misunderstood the directions.

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What It Feels Like When You Lose It All – An Anonymous Unemployment Story

I encourage all of you to share your unemployment story with me and my readers. Please visit the following link to share your story.

Today I am feeling like I do most days, worthless. 

Today I come to a semi-conclusion that a feeling of worthlessness comes in waves but stays when confirmed by the words and actions of others. 

The woman I love, who has been through hell, has nothing left to offer me when it comes to my personal thoughts or feelings. 

This, although understood, is painful. Am I worthless? No one seems to call or care.

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Jumping Off Cliffs – YIPPPYYYYY!!! – [A Funny, Inspiring Unemployment Story]

Like a moth drawn to the light, the cliffs have always seductively beckoned me​…   And I, just like that moth, have typically been oblivious to the “danger” the cliffs held… “Ooooohhh, what a pretty cliff’s edge!…” I’d think…  It seemed that the closer I’d get to those edges, everyone around me kept frantically saying, “Danger, Danger Will Robinson (Will was my fave out there in space, on Wednesday nights, 8 pm on NBC.  Remember?) – Turn around before it’s too late!”  Because of this I stopped talking out loud about my journeys towards the cliffs.  What I ended up discovering was that the “loudest” voice of warning has been the one in my head!  As for the one in my heart?  Well, that’s a different story….

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Layoff in 2008 (And Four Jobs Later)

I have had 4 jobs since my layoff in 2008 (temp to hire which was a lie, employers knew the date I would be departed at the interview). All were using my “up to date” technology skills in projects that enabled them to cut back in their workforce, creating more people to be unemployed. What I found really interesting is the workers are not high performing at all, very inept skills, poor attitude, slacker behavior pushing work off to others, late and absent continuously, and their still there. It just doesn’t look right, like something is going on in the workforce and I didn’t get the memo.

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Submit Your Unemployment Story

Inspired by the idea of sharing more unemployment stories, I decided to make it easier for everyone to submit them to me.

Simply use the form below (and it’s also available in the ‘share your unemployment story’ tab) and it will notify me that the post is available. This allows you a bit more control on what you submit.

So I encourage everyone out there dealing with unemployment or know someone who does to share their story with me -

An Update to Lady Unemployed

An update has been a long time coming! Most of my absence has been a mix of being busy (which always sounds like an excuse), stress, and not sure where I want this blog to go (more truth than any other reason).

First, how is work coming? Work is going surprisingly well.  I am actually getting attention from the creative department (which I know deserves more of a post than this). I am working with a senior writer on a newsletter this next week. I finally am enjoying my job – which took me two years to get to.

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An Ode to the Unemployed by Michelle Baker

ode to the unemployed

Over- and under- qualified, and everything in between,
If I enter my job history one more time, I might just break my screen.

I’ve cleaned behind the dryer, I’ve scoured every floor,
I’ve cleaned in places that my broom has never seen before.

I’ve shredded stacks of paper that I no longer need,
I’ve written snazzy cover letters that impress no one – Indeed!

My refrigerator glistens, my plants no longer dying,
no matter how long it takes, I will not give up trying!

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Monday Morning Rant….Is BACK! #MondayBlues

monday morning rant


I decided to do a bit of a test on LadyUnemployed.com!

First, I want to try to post six times a week for 30 days. I have a lot of boring downtime at work, so I may as well see where this blog can go.

Second, I want to bring my Monday rant back! It was once called Monday Work Rant, but really, that leaves too many people out. There’s a lot more going on Monday than just work to rant about (how about the lack of work? Or the commute? Or people who act like jerks in line? And so on, and so on)

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5 Tips on How to Handle a Manipulative Coworker



For the past two years, my “difficult coworker” has been a thorn in my side since I started. About a month into starting this job, I experienced my “difficult coworker’s” bad attitude in addition to dealing with manipulative and bitchy remarks and tactics to make me look bad in the department. After a while, despite valid complaints, I was told by my supervisor to “live and let live.”


If you’ve ever worked around this type of personality that will not leave you alone and are constantly finding ways to make you look bad, you will know “live and let live” is near to impossible.

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Finding a Job, Like Winning the Lottery – An Unemployment Story

I was humbled to receive this email from someone who named themselves “Peace.” This is an unemployment story from somewhere all the way across the globe from me. To know this blog reaches such far distances and speaks to people as far as Turkey means so much to me. I have not altered the language in the post as these are Peace’s words.

unemployment story


I want to tell my unemployment story.

I live in Turkey. I have been searching a job for 1 year. Unfortunately, I can not find. Turkey has a bad economic situation.

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